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The Cover Up- Chicago 2022 Kickoff

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AOT Tour 2022 – The Cover Up

We are talking about HEALING vs COPING… We are talking about Mental Health vs Mental Ability!!!!!
Panel Discussion of Experts engaging with the audience!!!!
Real life situations!!!!!

The Art of

Transparency events will follow ALL CDC and Covid-19 guidelines, masks are required. Temperature will be checked upon arrival. Seating will be separated unless you all came together.
The Art of Transparency, NFP mission is to Provide a Positive Platform of Personal Testimonies through The Art of Transparency!!!

We are comprised of International Speakers and Authors as well as Performers from all walks of life. We are survivors of domestic violence, suicide attempt, fatherless/motherless, molestation, rape, teen pregnancy/parenting, street violence, and a list of other traumas…. We travel from city to city, state to state to share our testimonies with others.

The Art of Transparency, Conference is a Testimonial Event….. We are bringing real life situations to the forefront and ways to cope with them… This is how we Live in our TRUTH!!!

The Art of Transparency Speakers will share their lives with you… They are going to share with you how they have been through so many of life’s tests and how they are truly leaning on that small MUSTARD SEED of Faith Knowing they are going to pull through… They are giving you their TESTIMONY….

Our speakers know that the things that they go through is going to help others along their own journeys in life….

Come out and enjoy the AOT Experience

Panel Discussion 1pm- 4:30pm